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What is included

Skydiving course (stage PAC) Toulouse, Pau includes :
- Ground training
- 6 jumps with AFF instructors
- 2 solo jumps
- Gear
- Skydiving logbook and goggles
- DVD of your jumps


There is a minimum age limit of 15 ( under 18's require parental consent ).
Medical certificate is mandatory; it must be delivered by a doctor affiliated with the French Skydiving Federation (FFP). (See the list of doctors in your region)


If you wish to make a booking you can book online anytime or call Go-parachutisme at +33 684 522 292.

AFF is a six-jump progression program designed to teach you to become a skydiver.

Accelerated Freefall is a skydiving course we offer in Toulouse and Pau. It allows you to freefall starting from your first jump. The training covers all aspects of your skydive. You will learn about the parachute system you are using, safety procedures, how to exit the aircraft, how to stay in control in freefall, how to deploy your canopy and steer down to the designated landing area...

The AFF (stage PAC) training program includes ground school, pre-jump training, 6 jumps with instructors, 2 solo jumps and all the required equipment. You will spend the first day with 2 instructors learning all the skills you need to make your first skydive from up to 4000m. The skills will be practised on the ground until your instructor is completely satisfied and sure that you are ready to skydive !

On your first jump, you will exit the aircraft with 2 Instructors, one holding on either side. You will freefall to a height 1500m before opening your parachute. To help you with your early landings you will be wearing a radio. This enables your instructor to give you directions, if needed.

When you have completed the program, you are cleared to jump without an instructor. All training is personalized to enable you progress at your own rate.

Full Accelerated Free Fall (AFF or Stage PAC) is the most intensive 'learn to skydive' course we offer.


All the equipment you need is provided by Go-parachutisme. The parachute is a large ‘square' ( ram air ) canopy. Two parachutes ( main & reserve ) are always carried.
Modern parachute equipment places both main and reserve on your back using a container and harness which is light and comfortable to wear. Student equipment also has an Automatic Activation Device ( AAD ) fitted to the reserve parachute for your additional safety.
A jumpsuit, goggles, helmet ( fitted with radio ) and altimeter are also provided.
Comfortable clothing is advisable and trainers are ideal footwear.

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