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GO-PARACHUTISME is a skydiving company in TOULOUSE , PAU  and PARIS .

Feel like picking up this wonderful sport ?

We offer 2 different skydiving experiences to beginners:
1/ Tandem Skydiving


20-minute training and you are ready for your tandem jump.

Free fall at a speed of up to 200km/h

Experience parachuting without the fuss of an intensive course.

Tandem skydiving in Toulouse, Pau, Paris.

2/ Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF)


Learn to skydive with 2 instructors.

Free fall for up to a minute from 4000m.

A comprehensive skydiving course where you take control. Open & land your own parachute.

Skydiving courses in Toulouse, Pau, Paris



We can make a video of your tandem jump.
Go-parachutisme team offers you a DVD option.

(95 € to be paid at the drop zone)

Check out tandem videos online here

All courses are great fun and run by professional skydiving instructors.

Book online or by phone.

Contact us

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Go-parachutisme is a member
of the United States Parachute Association

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