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Tandem skydiving is our most popular Go-parachutisme skydiving course. It is designed to allow you to experience freefall skydiving without going through an intensive course. After 20 minutes of instruction you will be ready to do a parachute jump with your tandem instructor.

Skydiving Instruction begins with a short briefing, then you and your instructor share a tandem harness, freefalling from nearly 4000m at a speed of 200km/h or more. After about 50 seconds of freefall, your instructor will open the dual-sized parachute, and together you'll fly back to the ground for a soft landing.

Be sure to ask about getting video of your tandem. Remember, you only get to make one first jump, now let it last a lifetime.

Your training brief
Your Instructor will give you all the information about :
- the equipment you are using, including the parachute, helmet, goggles
- putting on your harness and going through your safety checks
- how you will exit the aircraft
- what the basic freefall position is
- what happens during freefall and under canopy
- what your body position for landing should be.

What is included
Training brief, Parachute jump, equipment hire, insurance.

There is a minimum age limit of 15 ( under 18's require parental consent ).Medical certificate is recommanded.

If you wish to make a booking you can book online anytime or call Go-parachutisme at +33 684 522 292.




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Can you breathe in freefall ?
You can breathe easily. 'The freefall and parachute environments do not cause any difficulty in breathing. You may feel that it is awkward to breathe during the first few seconds but this is caused by the surge of adrenaline and not by lack of oxygen. When you exit the airplane you must continue to breathe in and breathe out.

How should I dress ?
You should wear comfortable clothing and shoes, such as workout cloths, jeans and a sweet-shirt. If you wear contact lenses or prescriptions glasses tell your instructor so that he can fit you with appropriate goggles.

If I'm jumping with a friend, can we share a video ?
Two people can appear in one video while preparing for the skydive on the ground and possibly while / after landing, but in freefall, one tandem can only be filmed by one camera.

If I'm jumping with a friend, can we be in the airplane together ?
We will try to have you jump with your friends, but this is not always possible.

What if I'm over the weight limit ?
If you are over the recommended weight of 95kg, it might still be possible. We can evaluate persons close to the weight limit.

When can I skydive ?
We skydive from February until December, provided the weather conditions are favourable.

I loved my tandem jump, what's next ?
If you wish to continue your skydiving adventure, we recommend the Accelerated Freefall Program (AFF) designed to help you become a self-sufficient skydiver.

Should you have any other questions, please call us at +33 684 522 292 or send us an e-mail to We will be more then glad to assist you.

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